Controlling Healthcare Costs

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway And JPMorgan Chase Launch New Health Care Company

$15 Million in Medical Debt

John Oliver bought $15 in medical debt and then forgave the patient’s debt.

Provider False Claims Highlight

Provider false claims highlight: In a decision affecting Medicaid and potentially Medicare healthcare providers, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York held that federal False Claims Act liability applies to providers that do not repay “identified overpayments” within 60 days of “when a provider is put on notice of a potential overpayment, rather than the moment when an overpayment is conclusively ascertained.” The case is: U.S. ex rel. Kane v. Continuum Health Partners, et al.

Your Feet Hurt – Which Sneakers Are Best?

Foot pain and heel pain may be caused by several things; one common diagnosis is plantar fasciitis. In a recent conversation with a podiatrist about foot pain the following was suggested. First, wear a supportive shoe. Sneakers are often recommended and the following brands are preferred as they provide superior support:
• Asics
• Brooks
• New Balance
• Saucony
While custom orthotics is preferred, additional support may be obtained by the use of over-the-counter orthotics. Recommended types include:
• Pure Stride (
• Powerstep (

Vacation & Your Medical Bills

Going outside the United States on vacation? What about your medical bills if you get ill?

Uber Healthcare?

Start-up companies are innovators and some start-up companies are applying the Uber model to healthcare. Have your doctor come to you:

Cost of Inmate Care Increasing

The cost of providing care for inmates is increasing. Clark County Sheriff’s county in spent more than $347,000 in 2014 on care. That rate continue to increase…

Children and Bicycle Helmets

Bicycling results in more emergency room admissions for children ages 5 to 14 than any other sport. Helmets can reduce head injuries by 88%, but less than 50% of children wear bicycle helmets.


Strange Medical Fact

It is well known that fingerprints and ears are unique to each person. But did you know that humans all have unique tongue print?